Escort date – 10 tips for a great date

Our tips and hints should help you to have a great date with one of our call girls. So you are well prepared for your escort Hamburg experience.

1. Discretion when visiting the paid-date

Your neighbors can see and hear everything. Maybe you don’t care because you’re single. In a few months or years you may not be and find it inappropriate that everyone in the house knows about your erotic adventures. Ask the escort girl to come in discreet clothing and not to be dropped off in an eye-catching vehicle right in front of your door. This also applies if you receive the visit in a hotel. No one is bothered if your assistant comes by late at night, as long as the lady wears an outfit to match this job. On request, every escort can appear as the perfect lady of the world or as an upmarket secretary.

2. Booking the call girl

The friendlier you are the more relaxed and pleasant the date will be. Make it clear and say exactly what you expect from the call girl during the date. If she knows her preferences, she can adapt to them. Besides, don’t spoil the mood of the evening with price negotiations. The one you want may not be included in the price. It is imperative that you clarify this when the booked time begins. It is usual that you book some time with the escort girl regardless of what happens in this date. You can also specify what you expect in return for the negotiated price. The more precisely you define everything, the better. After all, the evening should be a pleasant experience for you and proceed according to your ideas.

3. An important topic: condoms

In some cities, there is an oversupply of pay-dates, which has led to low prices. Remember that what is cheap does not necessarily mean cheap. Good escorts know your value and don’t lower your prices. The wide range of services has led to more and more women being prepared to offer unprotected oral or anal intercourse. Some ladies are also ready for the GV without condom. Address the topic when booking, because you should know before the visit whether the call girl offers unprotected sex or not. The subject is important, regardless of whether you want to have sex with or without a condom. Remember that there is a high risk of infection if you go without protection. On the long run, you will have the greatest pleasure if you provide yourself with the highest-quality condoms that increase your desire instead of getting involved in unprotected sex.

4. Preparation for the visit

You book an erotic service, which you have to pay in advance. Prepare the agreed amount in cash in an envelope. Remember, you’re receiving a human being, not a sex doll. It goes without saying that you should offer her a drink. Have a small selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the fridge. If you book the escort girl for several hours, a small snack is appropriate. No one expects a sumptuous dinner from you, but some tasty snacks for refreshment are in order.

5. Think of safety

You’re allowing a completely unknown person into your apartment; do not forget this in the midst of the date. Supply the apartment the way you always do when you let a stranger into your apartment without supervision. Personal items, such as an address book, valuables, cash and of course bank and credit cards should be kept under lock and the keys in a safe place. Don’t forget, opportunity makes not only love, but also thieves.

6. Do not forget hygiene

A freshly made bed and basic neatness in your apartment should eventually be of importance and a fresh towel for the call girl. It is more fun to have sex on a clean bed than to follow in the footsteps of another escort. Also think of your own body which will be the playground. It needs to be freshly showered and swabbed, with a clean penis before meeting the escort; it is better than a dirty body and bad breath. When cleaning your ‘little friend’, don’t forget that most dirt accumulates under the foreskin. Clean it in a particular thorough manner. This also applies if you use a condom. A fresh shave, a subtle aftershave and a hint of deodorant are also welcome. If the call girl enjoys her work, you will benefit from it. Also wash yourself if you want to start the evening with a shared bath or shower. These water features are not for cleanliness, but for pleasure.

7. Provide the right ambience

Cleanliness is not everything. You will only get your money’s worth if you create a little romance and a relaxed atmosphere. Even a paid-date gets into the right mood faster with soft music and candlelight to spoil you and her little friend. A few cushions provide comfort and make it easier to find some really good positions. Offer something and you get offered something.

8. It goes straight to the point

Do your business as soon as the escort girl arrives. Give her the money we agreed upon. Offer her a drink and show her where the bathroom is. Give her some time to familiarize with you. It’s good if you give her some non-erotic compliments. Words like “I like your voice” or “You have a pretty smile” are also popular with call girls. Coarse statements of the kind “horny tits”, on the other hand, are less popular. Escalate after about 15 minutes, unless you have previously agreed otherwise. If she doesn’t get ready to get down to business, take the lead. You have ordered the escort for a service; it is your right to approach the call girl physically.

9. Behave if the evening goes differently than planned

You have paid for a particular service, but you are not necessarily entitled to it. There is also a right of withdrawal for erotic services. If the call girl says no, you must respect that. You have the right to claim your money back. Under no circumstances should you try to force things. Make her understand that you want a refund if she doesn’t not perform as agreed. Let her go once she has repaid the money, everything else has legal consequences. Conversely, you do not have to accept the service. Some agencies make promises on the phone that do not reflect the reality. If you book a well-groomed redheaded call girl with good manners and good language skills, you don’t have to deal with a fluffy blonde who doesn’t speak High German. If there is a woman at your door who does not meet your expectations and description, send her away.

10. Do not make private contacts

Most call girls do not only meet expectations, but are excellent in their profession. Many customers have the desire to book the same escort again and again. With all sympathies, never forget that this is a business relationship with fixed rules. Private contacts are undesirable, as the call girl’s families and friends are often not supposed to know anything about the job. In addition, many escort girls have a fixed contractual relationship with an agency and are not allowed to give out their addresses. Respect this and do not try to look for their address or phone number. Simply book the call girl again using the contact details you know. It saves trouble for you and for the escort girl.